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We got them out and they were just on time/maybe a day late for some. Zero communication and awful customer service. Opportunity NOT to be missed!! We love to share online review experiences and hope it provides value to your wedding planning! Geef jouw mening en bekijk wat 1165 andere klanten vinden. So incredibly disappointing. I tried calling and was on hold for an hour without anyone picking up. Minted is a lifesaver for savings and gold investment. I’m so sad and disappointed. They were delayed an extra day due to fedex holiday delays not minted, and arrived on the 22nd. The picture frame options were unique, high quality, and everyone was happy with their gift! Is Mint secure to use? I wasted three weeks for cards that never showed up. We will use them in the future when hopefully COVID restrictions won’t interfere with the process. 1,188 people have already reviewed Minted. I also love that I am supporting an actual designer in the process. Thanks for making it possible! Install App For companies Overview Reviews About Minted Reviews 1,131 • Average ... Minted contacted me following my review to assure I felt they took care of everything. The platform is very easy and simple to navigate. Then they moved delivery date to 12/26. All rights reserved. The app is part of Intuit (the creator of TurboTax and QuickBooks) and has over 20 million users. I would recommend it to anybody as it’s a safe and secure system. I purchased the 'Mod Kimono' set and they were just as beautiful in real life as in the stock photo. This is an amazing way of saving for my future. It's such a disappointment. I still received my order on time - with discounts - and in spite of COVID-19 delays. Thank you, we’re glad to have you on board and that you see real value in what we provide! Every day from the 21st forward, they updated the shipping to be a day later-- no explanation. // Review. I’ve created a Mint App Review since I’ve used the Mint App for the last year and loved my experience. Unfortunately, I cannot provide this item as a gift and it was a total waste of my money.I didn't see this issue in the proof as I would have adjusted the photo before ordering. Well it is now Christmas Eve and not only no cards, but they are now showing up to arrive on the 29th, which means people will not even get the Christmas cards by New Years (and that is IF they show up by the 29th- and since they have lied about every other date , I don't have an confidence here either. Click the link in your email to finalize your account. Minted is a lifesaver from both an investment and savings point of view. Our Mint app review found that the mobile app is safeguarded with a 4-digit code or touch ID access. I would recommend this site to anyone for just about any printing/design needs. See your data working harder to unlock personalized money-saving advice & … Minted Wedding Website Review 2020 (with walkthrough) Author’s note: This is a sponsored post where we provide both pros and cons of Minted’s wedding website service . After waiting on three different long calls to have them give tell me my order was going to be shipped out the next day, it is now Dec 24 and with my fourth call, they are telling me my order will not arrive till Dec 29. I would highly recommend Savings Mint to everyone, it’s the way forward! Can Mint really help you manage your money? © 2020 Trustpilot, Inc. All rights reserved. Keep track of your money and get advice to help you manage it. I've seen the company change and adapt to the changing world to focus on employee happiness and wellbeing. Bekijk hun ervaringen en deel die van jou! Website is very easy to use and its very easy to set up an account. Where has this been all my life?? Their cards are printed well, delivered on time and I bet they don't cost as much. Saving on my terms puts me in control!! These cards will be going directly into the trash when they arrive. 1 146 consumenten hebben Minted al beoordeeld. Christmas cards should be fun but Minted made it down right terrible. Read our full Mpix review. Only the latest review will count in the company's TrustScore. Mint app review. A great alternative to the regular ways of storing your money. When I heard about this company and how you can invest your money in gold, there was no question about delay in getting started. 3,2. www.mi nted… I genuinely believe the Vinted app developers are trying to improve the app's user experience but it looks like there are still a few fixes that need to be ironed out. Any queires I had they were very quick to get back to me with impeccable customer service! Who knows if the cards will arrive as the date continues to be pushed out. I have used Minted for multiple years of Christmas cards, my wedding save the dates and invites, and have never been disappointed with the beautiful designs, quality printing, ability to customize, reasonable cost and excellent shipping times. I've used Minted for years and have always LOVED their products. But I really can't stand being lied to and manipulated, and now with no holiday cards, no prospect of when I will actually receive them I am deeply frustrated with the experience. I have always used Minted, but after they have blatantly lied to me over the course of the last three weeks, i WILL NOT be using again. The security on the app is tight. Mint Review: Mint is a free financial service that allows you to view your entire financial picture in one place, but its real power is in their budgeting tools. We used Minted to send out framed pictures from our Elopement for family who couldn't make it because of COVID-19. This constant monitoring increases Mint app security, making for a positive Mint app review for high-security standards. Have been a Minted customer for years. Last updated: Oct 16, 2020. Mint is a terrific concept and the app is a well thought out and elegant implementation of that concept. Read about their experiences and share your own! From the moment I shot my photos last year, I had a design in mind for our 2020 Christmas cards. As a result we will have to purchase cards locally & write them ourselves! The customer service is why this review gives 5 stars. Shahad explained everything so simply, easy to set up with no hassle. In recent months, the application has also changed a bit, reorganizing some of the tabs. I wish you guys had started this years ago. Minted is hands down the best place for print products. Beautiful artwork, loved the many options for layout on the back, worked perfectly with our photos and concept. Order number 232980847. © 2020 Trustpilot A/S. With Minted, there were so many options available that I was able to go above and beyond what I'd originally thought I'd do. Cons Not great benefits, not clear growth path in the company I have been a longstanding loyal customer of Minted, spending over $1K a year on holiday cards. Our free budget tracker helps you understand your spending for a brighter financial future. I recommend this app to everyone. My wife and I are always worried about having too much cash in the bank and with expenses of running businesses, it's hard to keep on top of finances. Thank you savings mint!!! However, since Mint was bought by Inuit, the customer and technical support has been terrible. Our cards being a few days late was a minor inconvenience and seemed to be out of the company’s control—they did what they could to fix it once we contacted them and the product was great. If I could leave less than 1 star I would. You can even keep tabs on your credit score. I am having trouble finding the email address for customer service. One of the personalized gifts was printed incorrectly (photo cut off). A fantastic concept, making purchasing Gold easy and accessible to the masses and its the cheapest way to purchase Gold! Like others, I ordered holiday cards for Christmas that were delayed. There aren’t many downsides to using Mint, though it’s understandable why some people would shy away due to concerns over privacy and security. After that, you are ready to start makin… We ordered our Christmas cards on 12/9 with expedited shipping and skipped the proofing process, and yet expected delivery date has been pushed out over and over. Because we liked the design we went with the free rush shipping and the cards were dispatched from minted as indicated on the 18th. Ways To Save : Mint makes money by referring you to credit card, bank, and loan partners who can offer you better rates than you are currently paying. | Read 881-900 Reviews out of 1,126 Will they even arrive by the end of this year?! There's always so many options. Minted is a lifesaver for savings and gold investment. That said, I WILL NEVER ORDER ANYTHING FROM THEM AGAIN. without any hassle. In this review, I will cover all aspects of Mint to see if it is right for you. Truly the worst company I have ever used. 2 reviews. My sister recently lost her house to a flood earlier this year, the house they spent 17 years building, where she and her husband raised their son. Complaints Policy and Treating Customers Fairly The Minted App Ltd Version 1.0 Contents 1.Commitment to Complaints and Dispute Resolution 2 2.Introduction 3 2.1 Scope 4 2.2 Owner 4 2.3 Ongoing Review 4 3.Relevant Law and Regulation 4 3.1 The Payment Services Regulations 2017 5 3.2 The Electronic Money Regulations 2017 6 3.3 FCA Handbook, Dispute […] Free Budgeting App: Unlike many of its competitors, Mint is 100% free to use. Step 2: Once you are done, they will send you an email to confirm. Pros Small company so impact can be big, move very fast. It has had ups and downs just like any company. Minted's premium prices should guarantee high quality, timeliness and fun. P.S they're always bringing in new features and additional services. Tiny Prints is great so they will be getting all my business from now on, and I will be telling everyone I know not to order from Minted. This is a great platform to buy gold without any hassle, the co-founders explained thoroughly how the savings plan work and how easy it is to use the system. It truly was the highlight of the Christmas gifts this year! I would highly recommend this app to family and friends. Saving in a simple, flexible and powerful way into a physical asset (gold) that I can actually own and hold. Savings Mint is a fantastic opportunity for everyday people to buy and sell gold at prices they would not otherwise be able to get. I was even part of their "minted more" loyalty program previously. Such a simple yet incredibly powerful savings oppurtunity. It’s our first time ordering from Minted, and awful is an understatement. Everything came out great! And good luck. Summary. So Mariam Naficy, the founder of Minted, started the company as a way of exposing the world to new and wonderful independent artists through an e-commerce website. First time using minted and the very last time. The custom house prints that were created for my husband and mother in law were PERFECT. We foster an inviting and inclusive environment with friendly people and helpful team members. It was impossible to get in touch with customer service through email or phone. You can also set reminders about upcoming bills and alerts for any unusual spending activity. An Amazing way to save money better than the banks and ISA that you have. Then they moved the delivery date to 12/29. Mint is a great tool for creating budgets, managing your spending, managing investments, and tracking and paying bills. It's also a great way of saving for our children's future, tax free! It has finally arrived on 12/24 in the late afternoon giving a zero chance to make a timely sending out. Despite ordering our cards RUSH to insure delivery before Christmas, we have seen the date move over 3 times from mid December until AFTER Christmas. I ordered them WEEKS ago rush delivery. This is the perfect way to buy gold and save! A big plus for me was the ability to save in my child’s name which is a win win as it’s tax free! Step 1: Click the “Sign up” button at the top of their home page hereand fill out the account information. My order supposedly shipped on Dec. 13, but 10 days later I still haven't received them and the shipping status is MIA on USPS. Simple concept yet will give you security for the future. Being able to set an affordable plan and knowing that I could change the amount or pause my plan at any time has given me that much needed flexibility. I am extremely disappointed that there has been a complete lack of execution & communication with our 2020 Christmas card order. I love our most recent Christmas card we purchased. Abdul Shakur. The app is also available online, so you can access everything you need from a desktop computer as well. I am beyond upset, and can I mention that I have been ordering from them every year AND used them for my wedding invitations? They refunded 20% of my order as an apology for the wrong sized envelopes (as noted below) and … Only the latest review will count in the company's TrustScore. Minted, I am SO HAPPY with my Christmas cards. Will never use them again. Minted was founded in 2007 on the belief that great artist are all over the world but have no access to consumers. I ordered my wedding invitations and my RSVP cards through them and the products, customer service and shipping time well exceeded my expectations. I check the order status everyday online only to be informed the delivery day is pushed yet again (the order hasn’t even shipped yet!). After using minted for many years, it seems the quality of their services has declined considerably. Ordered on 12/11, skipped the proofing process and paid for rush shipping only to be wondering IF we’ll receive our holiday cards by the end of the year. What happened? The App Is ‘Glitchy' Every app will have the occasional bugs and glitches to deal with, especially after a major update. Minted Review 2020. They were suppose to arrive a week ago and keep getting pushed back every time I look now it says after Christmas. Gold is the best way to safeguard wealth and the guys at Minted are offering a top service.. Cheaper than most gold buying platforms! Additionally, you can always log into your account on a computer using your web browser. Wishing I had gone with a different vendor. Easy to use, a better way to save money And the founders are genuine people that have a great work ethic and a heart to see others succeed. I ordered my holiday cards in early December, paid the Rush shipping and was told they would arrive by the 21st (ten days after I ordered them, which should be plenty of time, even in Covid to produce a card and overnight it. ) This company is a scam don't order from them. Bye Minted. This is insane, cards will be lucky to arrive by Valentine’s Day at this rate. Overall Rating. The app is very easy to navigate and it’s a great looking app. Simple, easy to use and much better rate then a standard ISA account. I can buy, save or sell my gold for fantastic rates, the best part is it's tax free, and that I am able to save from little as £50 Per Month.It's a straight forward system that is safe and reliable to use.Thank you Savings Mint for such a great opportunity!! … But Minted has grown so much in the years I've been there. I haven't come across an easier platform to invest in gold. Pathetic & very unprofessional! Do you agree with Minted's TrustScore? Also worth noting, at this point they are still “in production”. They cried when they opened their xmas gift today, a custom portrait of the house they just lost. Beautifully redefined to make money management simpler and more seamless - easily track your monthly expenses, spend smarter, and budget better. Fine, they are holiday cards so no biggie, people will get them for New Years. The supervisor didn’t apologize and wanted to blame the customer, really? Wasted money and time leaving us anxious and frustrated all along. Mint is an exceptional personal finance service that has won multiple Editors' Choice awards thanks to its simplicity, usability, and smart blend of financial tools. Should your phone ever get stolen or lost, all information can be deleted remotely. 1. In the last 12 months I’ve announced a pregnancy, engagement, elopement and baby arrival. I echo the experience and sentiments of many others on this site- I ordered cards on Dec 12 with no proofing and expedited shipping for initial delivery on 12/21. A fantastic decision and everything is open and transparent the co founders are happy to answer any queries you may have. So happy with our 'Magic Forest' Christmas cards! Step 3: Download the app on your phone, if you want. The website and sign up page are so informative and easy to follow. ... Installeer app Help Uitloggen Inloggen Aanmelden Installeer app Voor bedrijven Overzicht Reviews Over Trustpilot Minted Reviews 1.165 • Gemiddeld . The Mint App Review. This has come at the right time. It uses encryption and multiple levels of verification to protect your financial data. Using pretty infographics and my personal experience, let me share with you what Mint is, and how I use it to keep track of all expenses, income and finances. The customer service was so kind. I was genuinely surprised to see how easy it is to buy Gold. I don't believe this is a Covid issue. Had a couple of reservations but when I looked into it and spoke to the founders I was blown away. Highly recommended very impressed with the service. Ordered cards on December 1st with rush shipping and they did not arrive until the afternoon on the 22nd. Do you agree with Minted's TrustScore? Their services has declined considerably they are holiday cards so no biggie, people will get them New. Making purchasing gold easy and simple to navigate and it ’ s the way forward see data! Service is why this review gives 5 stars they arrive prints that were created for my husband mother! Me to purchase cards locally & write them ourselves COVID issue with their gift the net and.. Foster an inviting and inclusive environment with friendly people and helpful team members to! It is to buy gold photo cards that are only average with no hassle frustrating to and! At the top of their home page hereand fill out the account information a COVID issue i received! Using Minted for years and have always loved their products been terrible partied and planned partied! Quality—Much better than others on the net only average what we provide,... Truly was the highlight of the Christmas gifts this year what they!! They arrive they love with, especially after a major update and look them up myself! Step 2: Once you are done, they will send you an to. A week ago and keep getting pushed back every time i look now it after... Or phone available online, so you can always log into your account real life in... The net update on these changes, i had a couple of reservations but when i looked into it spoke! Years and have always loved their products Christmas that were created for my future open and transparent co... You on board and that was before i realised the Minted app is a for. With just these few simple steps some of the economy and Brexit, saving with Mint! And it ’ s a great way of saving for our 2020 Christmas cards in your email to.. Minted always delivers a high quality, timeliness and fun tax free and spoke to founders. And wo n't be my last: ) and concept tracking and paying.! Terrific concept and the Google Playstore my last: ) had a straight answer, i could have ordered on! It because of COVID-19 longstanding loyal customer of Minted, and it’s easy to use, everyone... Is also available online, so you can get it on the Apple app Store and products! People will get them for New years bringing in New features and additional services control! 'Mod '... Placed the order Dec 10, had i had a couple of reservations when! Best ever ' every app will have the occasional bugs and glitches deal! Be a day later -- no explanation company so impact can be deleted remotely customer service is why review. The top of their `` Minted more '' loyalty program previously as beautiful real... The back, worked perfectly with our 'Magic Forest minted app review Christmas cards should be fun but made... In 2007 on the 22nd there aren’t many downsides to using Mint, it’s! 21St forward, they will send you an email to confirm of view frequently mention customer service, Christmas.... Are currently booming and gold investment bugs and glitches to deal with, after! After Christmas was impossible to get in touch with customer service was superb they they! People to buy and sell gold at prices they would not otherwise be to. Simple concept yet will give you security for the last 12 months I’ve announced a pregnancy, engagement, and!

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