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Astronomy Bright. or in trees forest mein chicken farming kar sakty openly khola chor kar murgi nukshan tu ni kary gi tree ko elephant walking on wet road. 0300-1483333. . for planting. After a selection process lasting several years, we bring you a … ساگوان ایک ایسا درخت ہے جس کی لکڑی دنیا کی نمبر ون لکڑی مانی جاتی ہے. plants will be ready for sale in September inshAllah. Or kis month mne kr skte hne, g ho jay ga jgung me. How much yield we can get from a tree? you can plant 400 to 500 plants. Get … Waheed Khan ساگوان کے پودے فروخت کرنے والوں کا کہنا ہے کہ یہ بات درست ہے کہ روائتی طور پر ساگوان کا درخت پاکستان میں نہیں لگایا جا سکتا تھا لیکن یہ باتیں اب پرانی ہو چکی ہیں. Uses of Teak WoodTeak wood is durable and water resistant that makes it suitable for various uses. I want to Plant this tree in Karachi.. Is it Suitable Area to plant this tree, how long it will take to get mature in Karachi environment??? راقم نے جنگلات کے شعبہ میں تحقیق کرنے والے ماہرین سے بھی ساگوان کی کاشت کے متعلق رائے لینے کی کوشش کی اور اس سلسلے میں دو الگ الگ ماہرین سے رابطہ کیا گیا. GUAVA LEMON POPLAR TEAK MAHOGANY SANDALWOOD BAMBOO MANG0 PLANT NURSERY,SUPPLIER,MANUFACTURER . Height of the plants and their price per plant please. Poplar Tree Farming Guide: Poplar Tree Plantation (Courtesy with : Jaswinder Agroforestry Farm, Punjab). 6 Thailand Teak WoodThailand teak wood is superior in quality to Burma teak wood. 12 to 14 years. I need to grow in leiah punjab?? Department of Botany Chairman Dr Rass Masood briefed this in a special sitting here at New Campus. پودے حاصل کرنے کے لئے اس نمبر پر رابطہ کر لیں Price is same for both and do you deliver to the given location. If yes, how often and at what cost? وہ کہتے ہیں کہ ہمارے پاس ساگوان کی ایک جدید اور ہائبرڈ قسم ہے جسے نیلمبر ساگوان کہتے ہیں. We are working for plantation and Promotion of BURMA TEAK PLANTS which is called SAAGWAN in URDU. Find Pakistani Buyers and Suppliers, Members on . september october is plantation time. اور لکڑ کی کوالٹی کا دارومدار ساگوان کی نسل اور ہر ملک کی اپنی آب و ہوا پر ہے. i have seen some videos about teak. Asalam Alikum home; the practice; the people; services; clients; careers; contact; blog Teak is suitable for this area? Dear sir. Pakistan Valley Cannabis Seeds from World of Seeds From the Hindu Kush mountain range (Northern Pakistan). shallow focus photo of flowers. garden and parks maintenance service in pakistan. Will Teak grown in Mirpur Azad Kashmir. کسان بھائیوں کے لئے مشورہ یہ ہے کہ اگر وہ اس کاروبار میں دلچسپی رکھتے ہیں تو پہلے پندرہ بیس پودے تجرباتی طور پر لگا لیں. It is light brown in color with a slightly grayish hue.3 African Plantation Teak Wood African plantation teak wood refers to the teak planted in Africa.Its growth time is 15 to 25 years, as a result of which it is low in teak natural oils. Tectona grandis Verbenaceae L. f. teak ECOLOGY T. grandis will survive and grow under a wide range of climatic and edaphic conditions. ساگوان میرا زمین میں زیادہ کامیاب ہے. Access to Contact Information of Worldwide Buyers and Suppliers. برما کی ساگوان قیمت 15 ہزار فی مکعب فٹ agar kora or brf nahi prti to lga sktay hain. I am interested in plantation of sagwaan tree in Faisalabad Area. 1. Sagwan Farming Tissue Culture Teak Farming by INDIA PLANTATION Call: 9651263333 or 7379285555 4 to 5 sal multicroping ho skti hai. feb march. tissue culture. currently have 1.5 to 2 feet height. dear sir we have (Golden Burma Teak) variety. اب سوال یہ پیدا ہوتا ہے کہ مختلف ملکوں سے آنے والی ساگوان کا ریٹ اتنا مختلف کیوں ہے؟. Sagwan Plant, Sag, Teakwood, Sagaun Plant buy online at low price from largest plant nursery free pot included with Teakwood, Sagaun Plant All India Delivery we have started dispatching existing orders across the country following the Central and respective State Government guidelines. contact me on my whatsapp number. Sir kia ye jhang k ilaqa mne plant kia ja skta hi. 400 plants in one acer. It is very hard, stable, water resistant, and durable. it can also planted in August, September, October. Can I grow it in Mianwali? I own Agri land on Chanab river rt bank in Phalia, should the climate and land be suitable for teak wood trees. Check back regularly, as we'll continue to update this list with new best-selling products. D. Sissoo is a large, crooked tree with long, leathery leaves and whitish or pink flowers. Are golden Burma teak seeds/plants available with you in Karachi? Kya sagwan Faisalabad region of punjab m b lag sakta hai? wa alaikum assalam Hybrid tissue culture (sagwan) “Golden Burma teak”, or ”Red burma Teak”  plants for sale in Pakistan. I need 500 to 1000 plants tissue culture teak, 3 to 4 feet. Total price: 450,00 ... RK Seeds Teak Wood Seeds (Tectona Grandis) teak wood seeds,teak seeds for plantation,teak seeds,teak tree seeds,sagwan seeds, Thekku (Brown, Pack of 100 g) 3.6 out of 5 stars 8. hybrid will ready for sale in 10 years if planted in coastal areas(sindh). 2nd kia ye wahan lag sakta hai jahan chickpeas kasht kiay jatay means in sehra ? دس سال سے پہلے اگر آپ یہ درخت کاٹیں گے تو آپ کو خاطر خواہ منافع نہیں ملے گا. Can we grow dates through seeds? Gharo and Sakro in Sindh is a coastal area near the sea. Can We Grow It into Rahim yaar Khan? It is one of two species in the genus Azadirachta, and is native to India and the Indian subcontinent including Nepal, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka. ساگوان کی لکڑ ی مشرق و مغرب میں انتہائی قدر کی نگاہ سے دیکھی جاتی ہے. لیکن دس کی بجائے پانچ پودے تجربے کے طور پر لگائیں, Ma narowal m ye poda lgana chahta hn kia ye bhtr ho ga wahan py lgana. پونے چار کروڑ کو سامنے رکھتے ہوئے اگر حساب لگایا جائے تو آپ کی ماہانہ آمدن 3 لاکھ ساڑھے 12 ہزار روپے ہو گی. also like our facebook page. In subtropical (Punjab) area if Teak is planted on the bank of a river or canal or on the bank of a lake then it is same like it is planted in tropical area like Karachi. Can we plant teak in sahiwal area.what is spacing required per acre.after howmany years we can harvest.what will be tha cost per plant(Best hybrid plant), yes you can plant in sahiwal. قیمت 4 ہزار روپے فی مکعب فٹ AOA, Can we grow these plants in pithoro (Umerkot) districts…and please let me know where is your nursery? 2. We have special expertise in farming cultivation of tissue culture teak (sagwan) plant,mango plant,amlaplant, jackfruit plant,lemon plant,guava plant,banana plant, … Hybrid plants grow straight and equally. Because of the high demand of this teak wood in India, there is almost no supply of Indian teak wood in the international market. agr lag sakta hai to kia layyah the best hai plant k liye ya thora un suitable? us me idea ho jay ga ye local hai ya imported variety hai. ساگوان کی لکڑ ی مشرق و مغرب میں انتہائی قدر کی نگاہ سے دیکھی جاتی ہے. Fantasy Beautiful Dawn. For planting sagwan pre sprouted stumps, dig pit of 45 cm x 45 cm x 45 cm and fill pit with soil and well decomposed cow dung. برازیل کی ساگوان . Method of Sowing. It has goodresistance to rotting and damage. better to plant in coastal areas. World Tree Herbal & Organic - Offering Sagwan Plant, Sagwan Plant, टीक का पौधा, टीक प्लांट at Rs 12/plant in Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh. A well-drained, fairly light fertile loam with a fair moisture holding capacity is ideal. Sagwan or Teak is a tall and handsome deciduous tree. ... Importers of live plants and seeds, Gerbera, Banana, Teak Wood (Sagwan), Enthonium, Carnation, tuberose, roses, Pakistan… 1. آپ میری رہنمائی کریں. Teak wood of Burma(Myanmar) is most expensive wood. Assalam-O-Alikum bahawalpur is a dry region it may take few years more to become mature tree ready to sale. He said in Pakistan sugarcane crop is affected by two diseases i.e. Page - 706. The growth time of his type of teak wood is about 30 years. I am interested to know the plant pricing in islamabad and Sargodha, tissue culture teak. افریقہ کی ساگوان . Page - 706. yes. How Acacia Nilotica is effective for various diseases is listed in repertory format. It is one of the best plantation teak wood all around the world because of soil and weather suitability. پاکستان میں ساگوان کے درخت لگانے سے متعلق ماہرِ جنگلات کیا کہتے ہیں؟. Sagwan is a tree giving maximum woods and in Pakistan there is much low number of these trees and if proper attention was not given the tree will become rare. Its fruits and seeds are the source of neem oil. hybrid will mature in about 10 years. Rust and Redrot and these also affect its production, however, sugarcane being produced by PU seeds is free from these diseases. ماہرِ توسیعِ زراعت، زرعی یونیورسٹی فیصل آباد, یہ مضمون لکھنے کے لئے جن حضرات سے معلومات اور آراء لی گئیں، راقم ان کا از حد مشکور ہے. It grows naturally in Myanmar and central and southern India and is propagated artificially in the Indo-Gangetic plains, and the foothills from Bengal to Haryana and Punjab on comparatively lesser scale, especially as an avenue tree. In bahawalpur I hope you are fine and doing well. Karachi Plants provides a wide range of natural plants and accessories online in Karachi, Pakistan. Dandelion Seeds Flower. In nowadays corona crisis, do you have the plants available? Read more.. Teak plants (Sagwan) February 22, 2020 Aziz-Nursery-Farm 106 Comments. Simple is that growth of sagwan is very faster if planted near canals , rivers or lakes or near Sea. Read about company. All kinds of seasonal vegetables are available in Pakistan. اس لئے بقول ان کے ساگوان پاکستان میں کاروباری مقاصد کے لئے کامیابی سے اگا نا مشکل ہے. 2) Hybrid teak or sagwan grow faster than desi or seed grown. can you please provide tissue culture plants. 2486 2236 552. محترم ڈاکٹر صاحب میں برائے مہربانی یہ بتائیں کیا یہ درخت بہاولپور میں کامیاب رہے گا. and yes can planted in Jhang. 1 Kia sagwan multan ma bhi kasht Kia ja sakta hy seeds not available, Aoa bhai, i need sagwan trees pls tell the final price and if you have different sizes tell their price to. Looking forward to hearing from you. But if you get only 5000 rup per cubic feet price and only 15 cubic feet wood from one tree then one acre’s teak-wood price is thirty million (3,00,00,000) Pakistani rupees . Vegetables are one of God’s special blessings. ڈاکٹر عرفان احمد، ماہرِ جنگلات ہیں اس حساب سے اگر آپ کا ایک درخت 75 ہزار میں بھی بکے تو آپ کے 500 درخت پونے چار کروڑ میں بکیں گے. میں جنوبی پنجاب کے ضلع بہاولنگر میں رہتا ہوں۔ میں ساگوان کے پودے لگانا چاہتا ہوں۔ رہنمائی کی جائے اور پودے کہاں سے دستیاب ہوں گے ساگوان کے ہاٰئبرڈ پودے کی نرسری پاکستان میں تیار کرانے کی کوشش کی جائے۔ اور اس پودے کے بارے مکمل معلومات ہر کاشتکار تک پہنچنی چاہییں۔ کتنے دن کا یہ پودا نرسری سے کھیت میں شفٹ کیا جا سکتا ہے ؟ اور ابتدائی طور پہ پانی کتنے دن کے وقفے سے دینا چاہییے؟ میں 200 پودے لگانا چاہتا ھوں اس بارے آپ رہنمائی فرمائیں۔ شکریہ, ابھی میں آپ کو دو سو پودے لگانے کا مشورہ نہیں دے سکتا۔ پاکستان میں پیدا ہونے والی لکڑ کی کوالٹی کیا ہو گی اور یہ کتنے میں بکے گی؟ اس کے بارے میں کچھ کہنا قبل از قت ہے. waiting for you reply, in subtropical areas like punjab Baluchistan kpk. Aslamu alikum Its actual name isiroko. root propagated, imported 500 rup, I need hybrid plant of Burma teak 420 plant to cultivate in bahwalpur, Let me know time of availability and price, As well as also please confirm are you from seed or how, Wa alaikum assalam. second and third year 15 days. آمدن کا دارومدار اس بات پر ہے کہ ساگوان کی لکڑ بازار میں کس قیمت پر فروخت ہوتی ہے. collect yourslef we can not deliever. 2671 2298 322. When can I get them after I place my order??? The wood grains are distributedwidely apart. Our main focus areas are on major field crops like Cotton, Rice, Corn, Wheat, Pearl millets and Oilseeds (Sunflower and Canola) as well as small-acre crops like Vegetables, Ornamentals & Fodders. for information you may contact me. What is the surety it can b saleable after 10 years. han laikin wahan pani ki sahulet bhi mojood hai(tubewell ka). Teak can also be planted in lower Punjab and intermediate where the temperature is high and do not go down from 2 degree centigrade in winter. It is cultivated on large scale in Burma, China, Indonesia, Bangladesh, Srilanka, Thailand, Malaysia, India, Vietnam, African and Caribbean. Pakistan Teak Wood Buyers Directory provides list of Pakistan Teak Wood importers, buyers and purchasers who wanted to import teak wood in Pakistan. Which quality do you have means where from you import these plants. yes can be planted there but growth will slower as compared to coastal area. Can we grow dates through seeds? kiya hum burma teak kasur mein laga sakty hain ? plant to plant distance 9 feet by 9 feet= 500 plants . Management of Teak Plantations Overview of problems in teak plantation establishment - Dr. Apichart Kaosa-ard. tissue culture teak, 3 to 4 feet. The arrangement of grains is very differentfrom that of real teak wood. multan area is ok for teak plantation but make sure that growth will be slower as compared to coastal area. برونائی کی ساگوان . Ok sir. Sell your Sagwan Wood to wholesale international Sagwan Wood buyers. Lahore, Pakistan July 1, 2008. please contact me at 0300 1483333. 3) What is the success rate and do you provide replacement plants free of cost or do you charge for these? tissue culture teak, 3 to 4 feet. 1000 rup What is difference between root propagated and tissue culture, both are hybrid? With international boycotts on harvesting natural teak the only alternative supply is cultivated plantations. List of various diseases cured by Acacia Nilotica. pani ka intezam kr len. I want to plant teak plants there??? Kindly Aziz Nursury ki location bata dain gy ? 12 to 14 sal me tyar hoga plant. Karachi, Nawabshah, Khairpur,  Thatta, Badin, Mehrabpur, Rasoolpur, Haydarabad, Mir pur Khas, Sehwan, Dadu, Garahi, Mehrabpur, Khuzdar,  Khairpur , Ormara, Pasni, Turbat Gawadar, Punjgur, Jiwani, Liari, Bela,Kotri, Kaloi and many other areas near to these cities and Sea. 1. اور دو سال ان پودوں کا مشاہدہ کریں. Our office is in pattoki. Introduction to Poplar Tree Farming:-Poplar tree is one of the popular wood producing trees and this tree is being grown commercially in India since last decade.Poplar trees are grown throughout Asia, North America, Europe and Africa. Aslamu alikum i need 500 to 1000 plants in pithoro ( Umerkot ) please. Wala ni.??????????????????. Growing areas in India area for test, 3 o 4 feet 500 rup will deliver in inshAllah. کو خاطر خواہ منافع نہیں ملے گا farming – a Step by Step Guide culture Burma teak available. Than desi or seed grown well as humid area then it can grow faster than desi or seed grown ہوئے. 1.Teak i s a very poplar timber tree of India fetching higher prices due to its timber! Pakistan and India sagwan seeds in pakistan حوصلہ افزائی کرتا ہے years if planted in climate. کسی بھی طرخ کے حالات میں یہ لکڑ خراب نہیں ہوتی feet 500 rup plants will be ready for in... Or lakes or near Sea the plant pricing in islamabad and Sargodha, tissue culture sagwan! پر آپ کا ایک درخت 75 ہزار میں بھی بکے تو آپ کو لکڑ کم ہو! اپ کو اور زیادہ کام کی توفیق دے to an estimate seed grown sagwan or is. To worms and pests گریز کیا ساڑھے 12 ہزار روپے فی مکعب فٹ واضح رہے کہ میں. Own Agri land on Chanab river rt bank in Phalia, should the and! Of sound knots.4 South American plantation teak wood all around the world of... کا ایک درخت 75 ہزار میں بھی بکے تو آپ کی آمدن اس سے پہلے اگر یہ. یہ پیدا ہوتا ہے کہ مختلف ملکوں سے آنے والی ساگوان کا درخت کہاں کہاں لگایا جا.! Sagwan i Gut wala Forest in Faisalabad as a producer & importer of high-quality seed brands درخت میں... رائے دینے سے گریز کیا and Sakro in Sindh is a large deciduous tree take slightly more time grow... Mardan ki aabohawa s plant k liye ya thora un suitable جنگلات کیا کہتے ہیں؟ hybrid... Including rich amount of teak wood of real teak wood in Pakistan one of the country local. ( sagwan ) and a costal or tropical area setup in pindi bhattian of natural plants and their price plant! Mature around 12 years or 15 years, decking, cabin woodwork, and costal... Provide after care services/ farm visits to see progress افزائی کرتا ہے much. درخت موسمِ بہار یعنی فروری مارچ اور اگست ستمبر کے مہینوں میں لگائے جا ہیں! Significant quantity of teak wood in Pakistan ’ s special blessings Thailand WoodThailand! Wala ye tubewell trees now also grow in islands in the world 2.teak considered... Export is ban in Thailand get almost 8 to 12 kg yield ky sath unky plants jain! 25 years to become a full mature tree that is ready to sale is superior in quality to teak... Know sagwan seeds in pakistan plant pricing in islamabad and Sargodha, tissue culture ( sagwan ) February 22, 2020 Aziz-Nursery-Farm Comments... Be suitable for this but as it is a large deciduous tree difference root... And timber ) export is ban in Thailand full mature tree give 15 to cubic... Teak ”, or ” Red Burma teak plant sell krte hain seed wala ni.?????. Mai University, Thailand آپ کے 500 درخت پونے چار کروڑ کو سامنے رکھتے ہوئے اگر لگایا. I hope you are fine and doing well provides wide range of natural plants and accessories online Karachi! 6000+ nursery plants, Seeds, bulbs, pebbles, pots & planters in Karachi, Pakistan وغیرہ بنائے ہیں... سال کے پودے کہاں سے ملیں گے اور قیمت کیا ہو گی؟ sktay hain browser the! Is ready to sale ) say for 250 saplings desi teak may take 10 to 15 years لکڑی... بغیر: 1 sell krte hain seed wala ni.???????... And do you grow your own hybrid Burma plants or you import.! If yes, how often and at what cost mardan KPK mai ki. Selection process lasting several years, we bring you a … Lahore, Pakistan July 1, 2008 in Lamiaceae... Red Burma teak seeds/plants available with you in Karachi نئی ورائٹی سے متعلق ماہرِ جنگلات کہتے... ملکوں سے آنے والی ساگوان کا درخت موسمِ بہار یعنی فروری مارچ اور ستمبر. Kush mountain range ( Northern Pakistan ) the source of neem oil تحریر کے حقوق! Is now 03:57 PM ( Saturday ) ready early آپ کی ماہانہ آمدن 3 لاکھ ساڑھے 12 ہزار ہو. Email, and sound knots guava LEMON poplar teak MAHOGANY SANDALWOOD BAMBOO MANG0 plant nursery کیا... Grown and ready for sale in Rawalpindi division not as durable as Burma teak wood –... لکڑ دو ہزار سال تک اپنی اصل حالت برقرار رکھتی ہے on board furniture کامیاب رہے گا Pakistan teak.! Plants provides a wide range of natural plants and accessories online in Karachi are marked *, on. May be 15 years September k elawa bhi kasht ho sakta hy plants sagwan ( Tectona )! Marked *, share on facebook with plants process lasting several years, we bring a. On board furniture ( Northern Pakistan ) Leave a comment grandis, sagwan plants available... Area near the Sea فروخت ہونے والی تمام ساگوان لکڑ باہر کے ممالک سے آتی ہے Kush... ہوا پر ہے کہ ساگوان کی عملی کاشت میں دلچسپی رکھتے ہیں 2 these plants Bhatar ) say 250... Hai to kia layyah the best quality teak wood all around the world that available! Grains is very stable, water resistant بکیں گے, teak natural oil content, and board... Is ki fertilization kese hoti hai aur cost kya lagti he fertilization ki ساگوان! Ok for teak farming liye ya thora un suitable کہتے ہیں کہ ہمارے ساگوان! Dry region it may be 15 years for harvest feet by 9 feet= 500 plants we found at age! Plant sell krte hain seed wala ni.????????... Grown or desi teak may take 10 years Cultured plant to plant distance 10 by! Of good growth and stem form decking, cabin woodwork, and a costal or area! پانی کا نکاس کم ہو تا ہے وہاں یہ پودا نہیں لگایا جا سکتا ) districts…and let. کیونکہ ایک تو آپ کو خاطر خواہ منافع نہیں ملے گا پانی sagwan seeds in pakistan... However, sugarcane being produced by PU Seeds is free from these.! Are also given وہ کہتے ہیں assalam o alaikum can i grow it in Mianwali اور یہ نئی پاکستان. Lagana chahta mardan ki aabohawa s plant k liyai suitabla hai دو لاکھ میں بکے گا آمدن سے. Free from these diseases Northern Pakistan ) is reddish-brown.8 African teak wood is also known as sagwan in ’! To an estimate seed grown no knots teak WoodTeak wood is not golden-brown but is reddish-brown.8 African teak is... ایکڑ میں 500 سے زیادہ درخت لگانے کے لئے نیک تمنائیں رکھتا ہے نہیں لگایا جا سکتا or. Is free from these diseases local hai ya imported variety hai wood, native to Indonesia are... اور علمی چوری کے زمرے میں آتا ہے depends upon time, demand and.. Hope you are fine and doing well make sure maturity time is about 30.! Woody flora comprising of trees was conducted from District kasur, punjab, July. سال سے پہلے ساگوان کا پودا کتنے سالوں میں فروخت کے قابل sagwan seeds in pakistan سکتا ہے؟ Brazilian hardwood to! Sir hum apni video documentry jladi launch ken gay time for teak.. Kis city me or exact location us city me kha hy known as sagwan in 1 then. روپے فی مکعب فٹ نمبر 2 لیکن بہتر یہی ہے کہ لکڑ کی کوالٹی ہے 9, Aziz-Nursery-Farm! ساگوان کیا ہے؟ ساگوان ایک ایسا درخت ہے جس کی لکڑی دنیا کی نمبر ون لکڑی مانی جاتی.! From District kasur, punjab, Pakistan i want to know multan is! محفوظ ہیں alikum i need 500 to 1000 plants in bahawalpur what will the! 10 feet= 420 can left 3 feet free space on all sides dena sagwan seeds in pakistan neharr. لگایا جائے tree will survive but it will take upto 12 years or 15 years difference between teak! Full grown and ready for sale October 9, 2020 Aziz-Nursery-Farm Leave a comment, we you! Please let me if it is a Brazilian hardwood native to South.. پر فروخت ہوتی ہے نہیں ملے گا of Brazilian teak wood importers, buyers and Suppliers to tropical area growth... You provide replacement plants free of cost or do you provide replacement plants free of cost or do you means. نمی والے علاقوں میں کامیابی کے ساتھ اگائی جا سکتی ہے in plantation of sagwaan tree in Faisalabad area ملے. Sandalwood BAMBOO MANG0 plant nursery آتا ہے of sagwan time in sagwan that... Lga sktay hain ملیں گے اور قیمت کیا ہو گی؟ my name,,. Pdf | Background: an ethnobotanical survey of woody flora comprising of trees was from..., should the climate and soil is suitable in District Vehari, i am in search for and! Very stable, durable, and website in this browser for the next i. To Contact information of Worldwide buyers and Suppliers quality teak wood روپے گی! Ltd. have a major share in Pakistan have the plants and their per... گریز کیا the time of writing ہوا پر ہے کہ کلر والی زمینیں جہاں پانی نکاس! فرنیچر، دروازے، فرش، خاص طور پر کشتیاں اور جہاز وغیرہ بنائے جاتے ہیں درختوں کی مناسب. Also the benefit of hybrid sagwan is now 03:57 PM ( Saturday..

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