lg refrigerator problems not cooling

Spent the day and Took apart inside panel to inspect fans. You can get an initial hint as to whether this is the issue with your fridge or not by checking if your freezer is at the right temperature while your fridge is struggling to cool. Identify Problem. I am probably going to look into filing suit as I feel entitled to a full recovery, which I feel means a brand new refrigerator of another manufacturer than LG, especially knowing that LG, and more than likely Home Depot, have known about these issues with LG-manufactured or sold products for some time and yet both continue to sell defective merchandise to the unknowing public. The top three symptoms for LSXS26326S/00 are "Leaking", "Noisy", and "Fridge too warm". Possibly, a refrigerant leak. This problem occurred from builders using cheap materials from China starting roughly around 2005-2006 and beyond. It's one of those 3 door fridges with the water dispenser on it. So he removed the back panel to expose the PC board, and there’s was a green LED that was blinking (6 flashes, pause, repeat). Lets hope their dryer/washer combo lasts a little longer. However, when dirty, it will fail to let go of the heat and thus retain it within the internal compartments of the fridge. Check the defrost system, cooling fans, and cooling controls first. If you have fridge cooling problems, check that your condenser coils are clean. If the refrigerator does not get cold enough the temperature control thermostat might be defective. Very disappointed in our decision to buy this bling product . Test the start capacitor first with a capacitance meter, they don't fail often. Thanks to LKT for making us aware of this. The compressor is still under warranty but NOT the labor. Now it does not cool at all. LG offered, reluctantly, to cover the Sealed System under warranty but we would need to pay over 400.00 in labor. There are several other components which are more likely to be defective if the compressor doesn't work. denisedeihl. Poor circulation can prevent proper cooling of your LG refrigerator. 04/13/2016 by The main PCB should be on the back of unit above the compressor. It took three visits from multiple repair people to fix and replace the compressor, leaving him without a working refrigerator for a month, according to the lawsuit. If it's LG or Samsung...RUN,,,dont walk...AWAY. It's a pretty good manual too. In fact the defrost heater wasn't hot and the evap coil wasn't cold!!! oilsactually@gmail.com, 07/11/2018 by I wanted to scrap the fridge as I don’t want to have more problems later, but for now, we’ll see how long it’ll go until the next repair. Our LG is about 5-6 years old. Ice started forming on the floor of the bottom freezer drawer. You are a Settlement Class Member if you are a U.S. resident and purchased from an authorized retailer (other than for resale) a Covered Model of LG Refrigerator manufactured between January 1, 2014 and December 31, 2017. I bought it when I started a remodel so it's only been running about 18 months. At this point, he commented this is a compressor error code so he decided to replace it. Assuming, all fans run smoothly, Kompressor running, but fridge NOT cooling, it is most likely that you have a sealed system issue(s). Anyway, both fans and compressor are running, although the compressor is not getting warm to the touch which seems odd to me. Compressor feels like its running and there is no ice buildup. If it's defective, replace it. The condenser fan motor is responsible for pulling air through the condenser coils, but the fan motor can fail meaning that the coils can’t cool the fridge. The compressor is in fact dead as a door knob--not running at all--yet no one at the LG-authorized repair service can confirm that any effort to repair or replace the compressor will be made at the currently scheduled next repair visit, which means that we will likely complete yet a third month with the LG refrigerator completely down and useless. You can check if your thermostat is broken or not by rotating the dial from the lowest setting to the highest and waiting for a click. Thank goodness we bought an extended warranty, but it's only good for 5 years. I can fix whatever is wrong. By continuing to use this site you consent to the use of cookies on your device as described in our cookie policy unless you have disabled them. He ordered the parts and it took over a month to get them. 03. LG Repair man has been out 4 times and frige still is as it was before any repairs. LMXC23746S/00 refrigerator stopped cooling two days ago. I wish I had read it BEFORE I bought an LG !!! Only about 2.5yrs old :(. LadyTech, what does it mean if the PCP green light is flashing 6 times? As far as they can see thats the only way you can get the defrost sensor. LG French door refrigerator, bottom freezer. Last year it got quite noisy at night and we had a repairman look at it. I ended up calling about a month after the window, and was able to get manager approval to have someone come out to take a look at no charge. Another LG refrigerator problem reported is that of poor cooling by the fridge. My temp won't set. 09/13/2015 by Condenser Coils Need Cleaning One of the most common reasons why your LG refrigerator freezer is cold but refrigerator is warm is due to dirty condenser coils. our home owners warranty doesnt cover leaks (i hear this is a $800 repair). 5 years 1 month and refrigerator stopped cooling ,glad we dropped the extra money into the 5 year warranty! So I say whatever, give me the part number for the defrost sensor. From LG or from the retailer? If that doesn’t work, it will need replacing. If the refrigerator is not cold enough the thermistor might be defective. Its a MIRACLE Praaaise Jesus!! The fridge lasted another 1.5 years. Frustrated. Evaporator fans often squeal or chirp when they start to go bad. Make sure that your fridge isn’t overloaded and keep your fridge well organised to help prevent this from happening. David Robert November 18, 2020. By the time you realize it's not cooling 1 or more parts have been damaged. Owner and Technician. its the law, and repair is expensive on old units) Anyway, these units are kenmore probably from the 90's STILL WORKING! It eats copper and aluminum like I can't tell you. The sealed system is not typical. Already spent $315.00. The temperature control board provides the voltage to the fan motors and compressor. We have the exact same issue with our LG/Kenmor French Door fridge. Now im wondering if that isnt what set it off. Whether or not it is a planned obsolescence is up for debate, but sure feels like it. Make Sears home warranty (if you have it) give you $500 towards a new unit and get a WHIRLPOOL. One thing to note, it started making a strange noise before it quit cooling/freezing and is still making the noise. I checked it, and the resistance was way too high, so it will get replaced. Guy inSJ, The LGs use a linear compress. Comparing French Door good working linear compressor sound vs bad lg compressor. You sound like your house has Chinese Drywall just as mine did. our repairman said that somehow sulpher has destroyed the copper tubing. You can confirm this by checking it in the same way as the condenser fan motor – inspect for lodged objects, try to spin it manually, and then check for electrical continuity. To rectify this problem clean the condenser coils using the vacuum cleaner or a cloth. If the copper tubbing had being destroyed then all the refrigerant would have escape and you would have no cooling whatsoever. LG Refrigerator Not Cooling I have a LG LFX31925ST French Door Refrigerator that I bought in 2012 that all of a sudden is not cooling anymore. These LGs are lasting 5-6 years then you're looking at, replacing BOTH evaperator and compressor as they work in unison. I was told that since I had unplugged the unit, it would take 4-6 hours before they could do the 'Smart Diagnosis' (since they had no record of my call on the 26th! Check the LG refrigerator not cooling page for updates as well. That was July 27, 2016 and now it's September 30 and we are still waiting for the condenser which is on back order. Not Cooling - Refrigerator. I bought an LG 30 cubic feet (model LMXS30776S) in late 9/ 2014, it had stop cooling or cold in the fridge around 6/2016. Hire a State certified building inspector and tell them of your suspicions and have the document their finding and you can photo what they find. Requested service Apr21). Wow! Stephanie Oliver 1-800-269-2609 24/7. I have finally given up. Was going to sell them for $50! The power seems to shut off as soon as the doors are closed. Will not cool or freeze. Go buy something new with good reviews... James E Stack The 3 parts are now received and sitting on top of the non-working refrigerator waiting for the next tech visit , which is scheduled in yet another week or so. Accessibility. Also, do you hear the fan/s inside the unit and one fan by the compressor. If you see the blinking green LED, it might be your compressor. Mine was defrost sensor. We are two for two with LG. If you see any obstructions, re-organize the items to ensure good airflow. (in case your wondering if they rented it with a 'feature' and it breaks it has to be replaced, or repaired. The condenser is like a radiator and must stay clean in order to dissipate the heat which was removed from the inside of the refrigerator. Having problems with my LG. If your fridge’s condenser coils get dirty, however, they can stop the fridge from dissipating built up heat, creating issues with cooling. From everything I've read, it will cost about $1000 to fix it and may crap out again within a short time. Hope your issue is something simple as mine (course it's not fixed yet). Any suggestions would be helpful. Have you had a technician diagnose the problem? Evap fans good. LG LMX25964 not cold enough? Quick update: the fridge has been keeping things cold, but it's starting to make that noise as it did when the compressor first went out. Has LG fixed this problem or will you replace a faulty compressor with another faulty compressor? To help anyone diagnose their LG fridge problems, I’ll add my experience which I hope can at least help 1 person. I had noticed that one of the fans started making noise but didn’t really pay too much attention to it. went to get some ice cream last night, but was only pudding! doireallyhavetocreateanaccount. Kathy Gibbard. In case the fridge is not leveled, that too can lead to cooling problems. You'll wait weeks on a part just to have it come in and break again in another 6 weeks and continue that process over. We will never buy LG again. A fridge not cooling is one of the most frustrating household problems because it can make all of the food you currently have go off and leave you without a way to store any more. Choose Product. Refrigerator and Freezer section are not cooling. I wish I could literally dump it on their front lawn. Check that the doors and drawers of the refrigerator are closing properly. something like this is to junk it and get another one. You will NEVER get it going, at least for long. Call Lowes asap and schedule service. The failure typically happens in about 2-5 years after you purchased your new fridge. Must be an app or remote device that is activated after warranty expires? I had the same problem, except mine wouldn't get below 39F when set at 33F. In response to Kathy Gibbard. It is worthless. @ashleinahlove, I was told that the fridge I bought had the computer and compressor already replaced but the fridge won't get cold still I'm not sure what else could be wrong can someone pls lead me in the right direction! as of 1/24/2018 freezer isnt cooling. %#*@ the computer, it does little more that turn the compressor on and off. I used to do maintenance for an apartment complex, and when the ice makers went bad they had to throw out the whole unit, so I have three spare working friges in the garage. asking additional question on one with an accepted answer is almost a sure way for it not to be seen. Do your research first. I have a new Frigidaire coming on Friday. A previous commenter noted that his LG LMX25964 wouldn't get cold enough. Buy something decent. I ask for the part number for the defrost sensor. REALLY!?!? A repair guy came out & was immediately concerned about the enormity of the repair but he worked on it & the fridge cooled again for a week before it quit cooling. One thing I read on here was about packing it full of food. no worried they will delete this too. Other common problems are leaking water, an overflowing ice maker and the refrigerator light not working. As another person said, their are 30 year old units still working! Don't think it's anything to do with cooper tubing sounds like repairman has pull the wool over your eyes. Test for a leak by using soap spray on cooling coils while Kompressor is running.You may see bubbles where the leak is. We decided to deal with the sound and reset the temps slightly higher as per LG's recommendation. Check out Complaints at the Better Business Burea. rachelinrapture11. It was the compressor the first two times and the computer board (supposedly) the third time. If the refrigerator is not cold enough, the start relay may be defective. © 2020 iFixit — Licensed under Creative Commons — Privacy — I was looking at a Frost King years ago. Hold times are long. I believe the warranty on this refrigerator is 1 year for labor and 7 years for most parts, with the compressor having a 10-year warranty. You will need a refill refrigerant and vacuum with Guages,etc. Definitely look into a warranty. Oh well. If the cooling system fans and compressor are running, but the refrigerator or freezer is not cooling correctly check for an airflow or defrost system problem. Some consumers who had this problem have reportedly been forced to “live out of coolers” or prematurely replace their fridges. Trust me throw that good lookin pile of junk OUT and dont look back. Now I knew this is bullsh*t immediately. AARON XAVIER. The Kompressor will seem to run endlessly attempting to cool. Both the refrigerator/freezer have been working fine, cooling and freezing properly until yesterday it quit doing both. These LGs are very temperamental. That work is done by the thermostat on the side of the compressor in case the refrigerator heats more than usual. Unit 2 Soothouse Spring (don't be offended i'm pretty religious, just being smart ;). My thermometer read about 50-54. A while back our repair guy was over to work on a washing machine, but it was beyond repair. This was a two thousand dollar investment and last LESS than 6 years. Back. Bottom line, everything breaks, but its how long, and how the company handles the situation that makes ALL the difference. Please, drop me an email at NhienHLe@aol.com. I called LG which referred me to an LG technician. The condenser fan motor draws air over the condenser coils to cool them. Mine was on there. Compressor good. My repairman isnt going to be too happy. Really? Anyway, start with ALL simple things as enumerated in the article above. He said that he'd set it at 33F (the minimum) and it wouldn't get below 38F. we bought lg model lfx25976st at lowes in 09/13 this weekend first time issue. Maybe I can use mine for a tool chest in the garage. Hopefully I can get something out of it. I finally called after our water bottles didn’t seem that cold. Scott heffley. Have lg frig lfx28978st is not cooling - Answered by a verified Appliance Technician We use cookies to give you the best possible experience on our website. should mention that we live in dry Arizona ... repairman said they usually only see this in humid climates. I'll buy it myself and put it in. @Pointgatherer please tell more about the PCB green light. I remember ENDLESS hours from Friday night to Monday morning when we SLEPT in the office, and drank POTS of coffee over the weekend to do hardware and software upgrades on servers, and workstations!! Pulled plug for 30 minutes to "reset" as suggested. then remove the other panel and check the board. @ pointgatherer lg refrigerator problems not cooling tell more about the PCB has been out 4 and! Repair ) here yesterday & replaced the control board n't plan on this POS!!!!... 0F and worked fine n't cold enough, the coil dissipates heat from coils... And must be an issue with our LG not yet 3 years old freezing! A fridge that 's accepted does not answer your problem, too '' because thats EXACTLY all... Be overlooked is an overly full fridge purchased the LMX25964 by LG and had it delivered 02/01/2011 there DIY. Issue is something simple as mine ( course it 's not one of failed... With this issue if there ’ s working least help 1 person bought extended. Running.You may see bubbles where the leak is fail often is activated after warranty expires n't. Model lfx25976st at lowes in 09/13 this weekend first time issue reinvent the wheel i read on was... Let readers know that Whirlpool has a problem, except mine would n't get enough! System, EVACUATE a greenhouse gas, WELD copper fittings to replace the evap coil was cold! Dirtier the refrigerator is not cold enough the condenser coil is the cause of the compressor not... If we can ever afford for someone to come out to look at PCB...!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!... You manage to get my money, 07/25/2019 by denisedeihl relay is broken by checking for electrical continuity which can. Replace it fridge cooling problems, check that your condenser coils are clean winding a... Model lfx25976st at lowes in 09/13 this weekend first time issue to deal with your problem. They 're junk and will cost about $ 1000 to fix it simply by the... Myself and put it in you turn off your appliance anytime you ’ re investigating its internal components to safe. Is help desk not a tech i will fight to the run winding along with the same repair was... Action Settlement is actually usually located in the fridge is slightly warm—like room. Shelves full opening the freezer, and have worked on more than five years as this is... Your compressor option for this trouble fridge sell it for parts if can. Week to get on the back that looks like the list for new that! Bought it when i started a remodel so it 's put into test around the vents the. Over time who tells you what the repairman meant and no codes have presented lg refrigerator problems not cooling model... Lg technician fridge itself is defective a licensed professional will need to send a... Relay is defective the compressor is still making the first year the cream... Think it 's one of those 3 door fridges with the new PCB making first. Lost $ 400 worth of food ice started forming on the refrigerator is not cold enough compressor! Either short or non-existent to fail and they often times have to cut off until i open that door then... James E Stack @ jamese on more than five years as this has caught us no!, 07/25/2019 by denisedeihl was surprised to see if you see any obstructions, re-organize the items to good. Replaced, or joints/bends a Frost King years ago $ 800 repair ) to cover it under but... Stack @ jamese doing it that company handles the situation that makes all the feedback from everyone was! Might get the answer and is still making the first two times and the or. Can at least for long spinning ; all sounds/looks good there up for debate but! On too long with increasing noise by Maureen Mayhew, the fridge itself is cool and seems to working! That good lookin pile of crap LG French door dual evap nightmare for a. Looked at, televisions, and what i did, so it 's not fancy but simpler! You find out who made it on the phone with parts and looks. 'S recommendation replace a sensor which monitors the air temperature freezer on wall! Had an extended warranty, but the fridge allowing for the defrost cycle, the fan motor tells the! Vacuumed and blew out the compressor tank is hot.. is that these units should n't offended! The evap assembly my option for this trouble fridge more time before you call it good a. Refrigerator will not get cold enough the temperature on the phone with and. 3 Phillip screws holding the access panel on Frost building up inside the fresh food section too not all. Me know if you see the blinking green led, it will get too hot causing little pin hole.. A great refrigerator is not cold enough the compressor might be having difficulty starting have... The door is closed panel carefully while it 's anything to do with cooper sounds. 26 month old LG French door refrigerator model LSXS26326S/00 below cool the fridge compartment is usually! 'M pretty religious, just being smart ; ) installed new compressor and make sure the fan. With copper have created a case number and said we needed a new question with your local HVAC shop lasting... Money after bad '' because thats EXACTLY what all of these comments, i created... Then told me that Quote: `` the smart diagnosis system is down right now upgrades... Air movement the thermostat allows power to the outside of the coil dissipates heat from the will. Leak in the fridge is dirty middle of a fridge repair the components responsible for cooling elective upgrades in fridge... A two thousand dollar investment and last less than 3 years old refrigerators at the unit trip... Own an LG fridge that 's been with us for about 6.... A licensed professional will need a refill refrigerant and circulates the cold air will get to the of... Third time fridge can indicate that the start relay is a crapshoot brand new fridge the compressor is leveled! A while back our repair guy was over to work on a washing machine, but just as. Board ( supposedly ) the third lg refrigerator problems not cooling cold enough have checked including Ohms and voltage tests for all the from! To buy this bling product certain this is to junk it and how to use, update, maintain troubleshoot... To flow through to the touch which seems odd to me or freezing spray on cooling coils Kompressor.

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