why didn t germany build heavy bombers

Why didn’t Germany have any aircraft carriers? It's GDP pre-war was no bigger than Britain's (not including the Empire) despite having a significantly larger population. One of Germany's greatest problems and motivations for war was the severe lack of resources. Fatal Mistake: Why Didn't Nazi Germany Use Heavy Bombers? German had to spend a lot of time making the fighters and Bombers already in production in order to fight the war with Russia and there was little time and resources to spend on making the necessary changes. It needed to focus on quickly winning tactical battles, not on a long, drawn-out conflict waged against enemy civilian targets. The Germans simply didn't buy into the concept of heavy-bombload strategic bombers until it was far too late - the 1940 and 1941 Blitzes being in effect conducted with tactical bombers. The why is simple :Germany had not the means to build thousands of heavy bombers .Before WWII,no one had the means to buid such bombers . Thread starter crjenthusiast; Start date Mar 19, 2020; Mar 19, 2020. You do not want to make Englishmen angry as a nation. Could it be a possibility in the future for Gaijin to add the G10N1 heavy bomber for Japan? why didn't germany have any heavy bombers in ww2? However, the US didn't use many heavy tanks for a few reasons. After the dumbkopfs in the Luftwaffe got done showing off, the English built tens of thousands of heavy bombers and turned millions of Germans into red jelly. They didn’t hesitate.” The American theory on daylight bombing lay in the aircraft the crewmen flew: the rugged Boeing B-17 “Flying Fortress,” the main heavy bomber of the Eighth Air Force. is technology. In March 1945 the German jet fighter wing shot down six American bombers and two fighters, and lost only one 262. The third reason (don't worry, it's the last one! ) All 11 were killed. 20.11.2013 - Germany's light bomber - but then - Hilter didn't let them build any heavy bombers so this was it. So why didn't they build or develop any four-engine bombers as the war went on? March 45- In the last big air combat over Germany, Berlin was bombed by 1200 American bombers escorted by fighters. A review of the Wiki page on heavy bombers shows any number of proposals, but few models reached operations, and almost none as actual bombers, and none in any quantity approaching that of US and British models. The Germans were developing heavy bombers at the very end of the war, but they were not yet in production. aerial power, Germany didn’t have enough airframes to conduct operations on a scale that the Allies did later. The Norwegian resistance and Allied bombers eventually put a stop to ... production of either pure graphite or pure heavy water in Germany. Edited August 22, 2014 by CheapSushi Again outnumbered, the 55th was heavily engaged near the target as it strove to defend the bombers, for which it paid dearly. The plane carried 10 crewmen, and sported 13 50-caliber guns for self-defense. While they were en route to intercept the bombers, they unknowingly flew into the other side of the same anomaly. “I don't believe a word of the whole thing,” declared Werner Heisenberg, the scientific head of the German nuclear program, after hearing the news that the United States had dropped an atomic bomb on Hiroshima. They built a few heavy Bombers late in the War but the role of the Luftwaffe was Tactical not Strategic. nationalinterest.org - Warfare History Network. LJAd , Sep 25, 2011 #2 When players just design light fighters with engine upgrades and no guns, yeah, they struggle against bombers. They did use a few, actually; the M26 Pershing entered late in the war, and the Army was experimenting with other heavy and super-heavy designs when the war ended. Aerial Photo B-24 Liberator Shot Down Over Germany 1944 So the second reason why Germany didn't build heavy bombers, in a nutshell, is that only countries with a lot of spare industrial capacity on their hands and/or with nothing more pressing to do will build them. You could even count the Do-335 as a frontline bomber. The bombers that Berlin did have weren't enough to defeat Britain or the Soviet Union. It also had few natural resources and was always on the verge of a foreign currency crisis. Here's What You Need to Know: The Allies made ruthless use of … With sufficient light fighters (not even counting what heavy fighters could do or AA guns), and with those light fighters properly designed, you can inflict enough losses on even escorted strategic bombers to come out at better than 1:1 IC ration losses. In Sept. 1944, the Luftwaffe’s 60 ME 262s were destroyed on the ground by allied bombers. Except the Blitzkreig worked very well for the Germans at the outset of WW-2 and most of the high command thought that a strategic long-range bomber just wasn't … Joined Jan 15, 2020 Messages 3,439 Reputation At 26,000 feet over Germany, pilots shivered in bitterly cold cockpits, flying conditions were unusually bad, and the probability of mechanical troubles at that temperature did not help. I will explain why the Germans did not promote the building of Heavy Bombers and then I will describe the Heavy Bombers that they did build before wars end. – user2848 Jul 23 '14 at 16:05 US tank doctrine in WWII emphasized that American tanks should avoid fighting enemy tanks. 'Why Germany Had NO Long Range Bombers' - again wrong, and nobody says anything about 4-engined bombers. However, italy can be countered by winning in north africa, and as for France using greater numbers of fighters and anti air defences can help mitigate it. Not in the least. by. B-17 Bomber Going Down 490th Bomb Group – Monheim Germany. Germany has plenty of Prototype bombers like the Me-264, He-177, and Ju-288. Raining bombs on London just pissed off the English. Then the video starts, and the 1st question is 'why Germany didn't make and use a large force of 4-engined long range bombers' (or to that effect). The fundamental principles were understood, and it had become a matter of engineering and industrial effort. A 1,000 lb bomb from above tore off the left stabilizer and sent the plane into an uncontrollable spin. The Germans didn't have a heavy bomber either. Well, I'm glad you asked that question. Germany didn’t have the industrial capacity for a long war. It certainly didn’t work on phlegmatic Englishmen. Heavy bombers are bomber aircraft capable of delivering the largest payload of air-to-ground weaponry (usually bombs) and longest range of their era. I thought it was this not escort In real life during WW2, they were supposed to be escorts, but didn't have the range or capacity to defend the bombers, thats why … Depends on your definition of "heavy" - certainly the woeful He177 fits the bill! Why can't your modern aircraft shoot down the bombers? B-17G Fortress ‘Miss Donna Mae II’ drifted under another bomber on a bomb run over Berlin, 19 May 1944. The Avro Lancaster is a British Second World War heavy bomber.It was designed and manufactured by Avro as a contemporary of the Handley Page Halifax, both bombers having been developed to the same specification, as well as the Short Stirling, all three aircraft being four-engined heavy bombers adopted by the Royal Air Force (RAF) during the same wartime era. Known best for his work in quantum mechanics and the uncertainty principle, Werner Heisenberg was the leader of the Nazi atomic bomb program, and most of the theories of failure circulate around him in one way or another. The reason that Germany did not make an emphasis in the building of Heavy Bombers was the early successes of Small Tactical and Medium Bombers in the Spanish Civil War in 1934-1936. Archetypal heavy bombers have therefore usually been among the largest and most powerful military aircraft at any point in time. I love playing bombers but Japanese bombers are very weak except for the G8N1 and even that one isn't as "deathstar"y anymore. As such manufacturing had to be prioritised. Germany didn't have the industrial capacity to build heavy bombers without affecting other areas of production. Probably because technically Germany didn't have a proper heavy bomber, so relative to the rest of the bombers in the German line up, it's more of a heavy bomber since it can carry 11,905 lb. So convinced were Allied planners that this strategy would give the bombers adequate protection, they sent waves of bombers over Germany with horrible results; the slaughter of heavy bombers over German airspace by Luftwaffe fighters nearly cost us control of the skies during the war. Thread starter #1 crjenthusiast no cindy, no point. The interceptors suddenly find themselves in 1940, flying head-first into the rest of the incoming German planes. It was called the M26 Pershing. We did build a fine tank that was a match for the Tiger or Panther one on one. It came out in the fall of 1944. The Atomic Bomb That Never Was: Germany s Atomic Bomb Project. Brown’s B-17F Flying Fortress, dubbed Ye Olde Pub, was typical of American heavy bombers of the time.Along with an 8,000-pound bomb capacity, the four-engine plane … Tom DeBarber The December 26, 1936 launch of the German aircraft carrier “Graf Zeppelin.” (Bundesarchiv Bild 183-H16145) Dear Mr. DeBarber, The principle reason for Nazi Germany never completing an aircraft carrier was constant changes in priority. You're not looking at them making technological changes, but rather an ethos change. This is true. There are many arguments as to why Nazi Germany was unable to develop an atomic bomb during World War II. Heavy bombers were never a priority to the Luftwaffe. Furthermore, Germany did not have the production capability to make heavy bombers in addition to everything else they needed. Heavy Fighters are meant for interception missions, so use them to defend airspace from enemy fighter or bombers. Maybe that's why - there was a lot of collaboration before the war with the Luftwaffe in Russia. Equally, only heavy fighters and strategic bombers can reach mainland germany, and so the only real issue i'ed expect to see would be against the above solutions would be in france and italy. Why Goering never stood up to Hilter and simply had the Ministry of Production make a true heavy bomber we will probably never know. Emigration of Nobel Prize winners isn't really relevant, because by WWII, building a nuclear bomb didn't require fundamental scientific breakthroughs.

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