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The "Data Man" of Seigaku, Sadaharu Inui (乾 貞治 Inui Sadaharu) takes careful attention of a player's movements, and later implements theories and probabilities of them to turn the game into a logically based one. ! Everyone was shocked to see Ryoma Echizen hugging a girl they saw for the first time. foto of Seigaku tenis Club Regulars - PoT for fans of Prince of tenis 1376164. His specialties include the Twist Serve and several drive volleys. Other schools' tennis clubs have all of their members dressed in the same polo shirts and jersey/jacket for all grades. By this time, a few other extremely talented players began making their way onto the team. The first 2nd year to be introduced in the series, he tried to con the Freshmen Trio out of their money by disguising the price of a game, but Ryoma was able to see through the scheme. In the The Prince of Tennis universe, Seigaku's tennis club was not always the feared monster that it is seen in the run of the series, and was average talent-wise when the school opened in 1925. Possibly because of this, Ryoma holds a slight grudge against Ikeda, completely crushing him during the Second Intraschool Ranking Match, even using his Twist Serve. Vice-captain of Seigaku and close friend of Tezuka. The senpais are excited to hear who she is and how did she become Echizen's girlfriend only to be surprised themselves. Like Katsuo he's usually calm. Inui now primarily plays doubles with Kaido, though he played Singles 3 against his old partner Yanagi during the Kanto tournament and with Tezuka during the Nationals semi-finals. She is the grandmother of Sakuno. (Prince Of Tennis FF) Tennis Girl?! [1]. By the end of the original series, Seigaku manages to pull off its first National victory after defeating the reigning champions Rikkai Daigaku Fuzoku 3-2. Seigaku Princess (Prince of Tennis) Fanfiction. She also has a sort-of rivalry with her ex-mentor, Banda Mikiya a.k.a. Seishun Academy (Seishun Gakuen), A.K.A. The second 2nd year to be introduced in the series, along with Hayashi, he tried to con the Freshmen Trio out of their money by disguising the price of a game, but Ryoma was able to see through the scheme. A link to an external website the seigaku spot publicado por a fan of Prince of tenis. During the Senbatsu Training Camp (anime only), he played a doubles game with Shishido from Hyotei against Kikumaru and Shishido's doubles partner, Ōtori . Yamato Yūdai is the captain during Tezuka's freshman year. Kaoru Kaidoh's (海堂 薫 Kaidō Kaoru) the tough, fear-inducing second-year of Seigaku. Seigaku is not close to the Kanagawa prefecture since Ryoma had to run 23.8 km (14.8 mi) to get his rackets restrung before coming across Akaya from Rikkaidai. He is a stern but highly-respected leader. The protagonists of the series all attend Seishun Academy (青春学園, Seishun Gakuen), or Seigaku (青学) for short. Out of all the schools, Seishun Academy is the only tennis club which has its member dressed in different uniforms for each grade level. foto of Seigaku for fans of Prince of tenis 24207617. Musical: The Prince of Tennis is a series of stage musicals based on the manga series The Prince of Tennis by Takeshi Konomi. fresamay, azri8411 and 1 other like this. He is one of the freshmen trio and is famous for boasting about his 2 years of experience in tennis. Notable moves include the Snake Shot and the Boomerang Snake. Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube. Although Seigaku has long been known for its tennis club, the void created by Nanjiro's departure years earlier throws the team into somewhat of a slump, leaving them unable to make it to Na… In the beginning of the series, Doubles 2 is usually played by the Kawamura/Fuji pair, while later in the series, Momoshiro/Kaido pair and Inui/Kaido pair have taken its place, showing that Seigaku is overcoming its lack of skilled doubles teams. Unlike the boys', the girls' uniform is a completely different color scheme in both the anime and manga. Who is … He is also shown to be fairly skillful at singles, playing against Higa Chuu's Kai in the Nationals arc for example, and successfully playing against partner Oishi at the U-17 Camp. His flexibility and acrobatic play makes him a fantastic volleyer, therefore Eiji tends to manage the front while allowing Oishi to strategically pull the game into their favor from the back. Seigaku is one of the few schools shown to have a high school division and a university division.

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