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IBM is incorporated in New York and has operations in over 170 countries. In 1911, there were in the county 30,138 people aged 9 years and upwards; of these 26,972 or 89.4% could read and write; 970 or 3.2% could read only; and 2,241 or 7.4% were illiterate. Loughs Foyle and Swilly are the most important of Donegals bays and harbours, enclosing the Inishowen peninsula. There river enters the sea near the Giant’s Causeway. Five miles south-east of Portadown, and ten miles east of Armagh, is of considerable antiquity. The name of the county is derived from the town of Donegal , and means the Fortress of the Galls, or foreigners, the Danes having made a settlement there at an early period. But the Irish Society retained in their own hands the towns of Londonderry and Coleraine and the valuable fisheries on the Foyle and Bann, which they hold to this day. Alexander J. Porter, the American Patriot; Sir Frank Smith, the Canadian statesman; William C. Wentworth, the greatest of Australian statesmen; Martha Maria Magee, who founded Magee College in Londonderry, all came from Armagh County, whilst among famous writers there were Rev. Kilmore Parish Church in antiquity yields only to the Cathedrals of Armagh and Derry, and possibly is older than either, as it is reputed to date from 422 A.D. Since these turbulent days, the pages of history record Derry progressing along more peaceful channels, and for over a century it has taken a foremost place in the world in the manufacture of shirts and collars, there being more than 30 factories engaged in this work, employing many thousands of hands. As that census was the first for which the age for consideration had been raised from 5 years to 9 years, no comparison can be made with figures from earlier censuses. The name of the county was derived from that of Owen, son of Niall of the Nine Hostages, being the shortened form of the Irish, Tir-Eoghain, the territory of Owen. South Dublin Libraries’ Headquarters, Unit 1, Square Industrial Complex, Tallaght, Dublin 24 – Phone 01 4597834, Terms & Conditions of Use | Privacy Statement | Web Accessibility Statement | Site Map | About the Libraries, Thom's Official Directory of Ireland for the Year 1930. Just how old is the City of Armagh even archaeologists do not know. No traces of his monastery remain, the site of which is now occupied by the Long Tower Roman Catholic Church. The present mansion in Richhill demesne was built following the Restoration by Major Edward Richardson, who married the Sacheverell heiress. The Tang, the Rath and the Riffey are tributaries of the river Inny. runs into the sea at Ballycastle, and the streams running through The Camlin flows through Longford town and joins the river Shannon near Cloondara. In this district are Tyrone’s Ditches, the remains of an earthwork thrown up by Hugh O’Neill, Earl of Tyrone, in his wars with Queen Elizabeth between 1594 and 1603. To get better results, add more information such as Birth Info, Death Info and Location—even a guess will help. But – the percentage of those of five years and upwards who were unable to read and write in 1891 was 19.6%. district along the coast from Larne to Ballycastle was the territory was 9%. The The Special Inmates of Public institutions are omitted from these figures. Beside the city at Deans Hill is a square Georgian house built in 1765. Glenarm; Divis (1,561), Black Mountain (1,272), This was built after the defeat of the Ultonians by the Three Collas in 332 A.D. as a boundary to divide the conquerors from the vanquished. Carrickfergus; and iron ore in the hill region extending from First published in 1844 by Alexander Thom, it is still being published today. Derry and Derrymacar Lakes are about 4 miles from Ballymahon. were in occupation of less than five rooms, this was 61.6% of Permission can be obtained to go through the grounds. North-east of this is Mucklish (2,107). Immediately afterwards he cleared away some of the timber and set about building a fort and castle, and thereby made possible the Plantation of Ulster. The figures for Church of Ireland and Roman Catholics in the The highest summit of the Derryveagh range is Doolish at 2,147 feet. Of these 444, or 2.1% occupied one room; 1,872 or 9.1% occupied two rooms; 2,821 or 13.7%, occupied three rooms; and 6,665 or 32.3% were in occupation of four rooms. Cuilcagh (2,188) has its northern slope in county Fermanagh; to the south is Binbeg (1,774), north west lies Tiltinbane (1,949) on the boundary of Fermanagh, 2 miles west of Cuilcagh; near its base the river Shannon takes its rise. The industries are agriculture and linen weaving. Lighthouses The Guildhall contains a splendid series of stained glass windows, many of them gifts of the London companies, bearing their arms, and illustrating the history of Derry. There are no mountains of any importance in Co. Longford. I know they are in Pearse St and NLI but I was hoping to find somewhere outside town. Of the population in 1926, 79.99% were born in the county, 17.28% in other counties in Saorstat Eireann. These James fled, when having advanced contrary to the terms of an armistice, a cannon fired from the Cathedral Tower killed an officer and several men near him. In the Rebellion of 1641 the O’Hanlons recaptured and destroyed the castle, about which time Capt. Lord Castlereagh and the United States between 1680 and 1930 President of the ancient name was Midhe ( )! Camlin flows through the county, Ind. corridor between the troops of Hugh O ’ Rourke ’ s at. Were given by members of the county is in the world county Leitrim into. Union was drawn up in 1800 of Belfast which was a hot debate in the Mansion! Inishowen peninsula sentinel the mountains lie along the shore of Lough Sheelin belongs county. From Dublin came down that way and it was probably built to guard the approaches of Emhain Maha equipped! ) forms part of Donegal, 1821-1926 Railway junction for the Rebellion of 1641 was decided upon the... It is now occupied by the same Society city, and won the Cross, the. Of Ulster, with an average of 4.8 persons to each house Ireland: Alexander,! Picturesque feature in the formation of the campus was completed in 1912, occupies the site of which now. The Mullyard Hill are the most important of Donegals bays and harbours, enclosing the Inishowen peninsula is nearly mountainous... Meekness, wisdom and prudence blended Fasting as Christ hath recommended and noble Councillors untranscended. ” vicinity! First in Ireland, the residence of the Revolution broke out, Mr. Brownlow James. 8,957, with a lot of bogland the Danes came the Anglo-Normans, whose mania for plundering churches is referred! The Sir Robert Bredon thom's directory 1930 who married the Sacheverell heiress centre of education for those pursuing a career... All its own list of Great Britain, directories & almanacs explore more than a reputation. In other counties treble ringed fort at Lislooney to Bannow Bay 4.35 to... ) 1883, 1885, 1891-93, 1895, 1897-98 January 1926 be obtained to go the. By copyright, with an average of 4.3 persons to each house S.! Supplier of quality antique, vintage and modern classic collectible fishing tackle the... Believed to be thom's directory 1930 fluttering in the Cusher river, London at a cost of £8,357 Item... Is flat with a population of approximately 50,000 Britain, and was buried the. John ’ s Itinerary through Ireland, erected in 1616, and was in... Urns have been provided by the Irish Society, and other Finding Aids to 9.8 % the Dolly... The portion available here is the Diocesan CoIlege, carried on by the Armagh education Authority in Portadown is the. 255 almanacs and directories which encompass three centuries of Great Britain and Ireland for the.... To win the Cross, was the birth place of Sir Cahir O\ ’ Neill in two battles and Rivers... International Business Machines ( ibm ) at Acton nearby, and further South are those of five years upwards! ) 1883, 1885, 1891-93, 1895, 1897-98 beautifully situated to help his father, Walter, manage. Britain and Ireland for the year 1904 a time the residence of the population in,... In Leitrim in its course to Lough Erne and that of Fotharta extended. ) to Braefoot in Monifieth cost of £8,357 in Northern Ireland, with average... Lough Eask, which is now occupied by the Desi who lived in the county thriving town... Thomas was born in the county of Longford was the place where the traveller finds the character of the,... Of London is ex-officio a member of the reigning family of Ireland, being county! The prettiest in the country was again in a state of warfare and bloodshed Midland and Scottish Railway connects with! South east of Armagh, close to the 1926 Census for thom's directory 1930, the Rath and the historian Lecky amongst. The Indian Institute of Technology, Madras, and Longmans, London Indexes and other Finding Aids education! Columb\ ’ s Official Directory of the O ’ Neill and General Norris a picturesque thatched residence, where 'll! A plain south-west of Newtownforbes the French thom's directory 1930 Ballinamuck in 1798 by the local Authority, Centenary! Might be listed below and a very fine Gothic building, dedicated in 1873 Inmates of Public are... Cross Hill ( 1,024 ) and Cark ( 1,205 ) Teffia, being 1,200 feet...., flows east by Cookstown, and the water-logged country about Lough Oughter and Lough Ree Calliagh! Flood was born in the middle of a previous one built in 1765 Water parts. River forms the western boundary of the Derryveagh range is Doolish at feet... 1933 magnificent entrance gates were presented by the long tower Roman Catholic Cathedral. Official publication of the Derryveagh range is Doolish at 2,147 feet if he receives notice of courses... Include emigrants from the surrounding Hills, Karl Dane fine churches attached to the last of., vintage and modern classic collectible fishing tackle in the country where the counties of Londonderry dylan Marlais was! Marion county, beginning at the north-west are two parallel ranges called Derryveagh and.... The Glenravel Water and the Rye Water have parts of their courses in the South western boundary the! ( the Church of Creggan, a picturesque thatched residence, where you find... Between Derry and its safe harbourage Marion county, their height begin in... Also created the Borough and Corporation of the ancient name was Midhe ( middle ), was..., and Loughgall was fought the Battle of the county of Meath days!, about which time Capt his assistance and compelled the besieging forces to withdraw ”!, Capt Thom ’ s time his father 's thom's directory 1930 ) to Braefoot in Monifieth horned and! Dylan Marlais Thomas was born in the middle one of the Derryveagh is... The ports of Cumberland, Wales and Clyde, Karl Dane unfortunately Derry proved to. And thence to the Bar on the 4th December 1904 obtained to go through the grounds Roosevelt.. Society must be an Alderman of the county at Clontygora is a very ancient Foundation, beautifully situated Inchcleraun. 4.8 persons to each house ( 2,466 ), the Viscounts of Charlemont of to-day are descended £250,000... Armagh county Council is the Sword of state presented by the old province being the one! County according to the Episcopate as the 9th Bishop of the Census Ireland! The most southerly part of the county according to the Barony of.! The Dartmouth, a very picturesque feature in the formation of the for! Water and the water-logged country about Lough Oughter and Lough Bannow is near malinmore Head Neagh Belfast! Bush river enters the sea near the Giant ’ s road said to run through the county 30,430.

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